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Welcome to your tech future.

What can you demand of us?

You need a scalable standalone software that inspires several thousand end customers and lets your revenue explode? Or are you looking for a solution for processes in which hundreds of your employees work? Come to iMbu!

We are an experienced full service software agency for individual, scalable cross-platform solutions. Consulting, conception and design, development, integration, rollout including change management and support – all from a single source.


Software Development

Complex databases, platforms, mobile apps or desktop applications, microservices and applications for various operating systems and servers – we build the best solution for your many users. A that your customers or employees need with Java, PHP, Angular and React. You have our support right from the start with the clarification of requirements and conception, development of the software up to the IT rollout and constant support.

IT experts

Whether full stack developer, lead developer, scrum master or business analyst. Our potpourri of IT experts gives you flexibility and unlimited access to wealth of experience.

We help you to agilize and transform your processes, both on a technological as well as on a team building and process level.

At iMbu you can ask for single individual problem solvers or entire cross-functional teams.

Project Rescue

Oh no! The deadline is in danger, the lead developer has dropped out and many iterations are eating up the budget! Or – even worse – the system has security vulnerabilities! Challenge? Bring it on! Such scenarios are part of our daily bread.

We act quickly, but not hastily. First, we analyze the problem and keep it with the quote from U.S. President Abraham Lincoln: “If I had eight hours to cut down a tree, I’d spend six hours grinding the ax.“

Our favorite frameworks, tools & methods

Software product, process optimization, or both? Desktop applications, platforms, websites, mircoservices, migration software, apps – innovations at a low price with great quality. That’s what iMbu stands for.

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Our Products

Each of these products plays a unique role in supporting different aspects of business operations, collaboration, communication, and information management. Depending on your specific requirements and objectives, you may leverage one or more of these products to meet your organization’s needs. If you have any further questions or need assistance with specific aspects of these products, feel free to ask!


Empower your learning journey with our cutting-edge Secure eLearning platform...


Streamline access management across your organization with our Single Sign-On (SSO) Dashboard..


Elevate your driving school experience with our dedicated app designed specifically..

Document Managment System

Revolutionize your document management experience with our cutting-edge Document Management System (DMS)....

Website Builder

Stay ahead of the competition and elevate your brand with our user-friendly website builder designed specifically for real estate agents..

Let's make a lot of people's lifes happy.