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Mobile security solutions

We provide software including location-based solutions tailored for mobile operators, government institutions and businesses

We offer custom solutions for location-based solutions tailored for the needs of mobile operators, government institutions and businesses.
We offer:
– Lawful Intercept – mobile location on-demand (2/3/4G networks)
– Real-time mobile tracking with map display (2/3/4G networks)
– Emergency Services calls with caller location capabilities (2/3/4G networks)
– Commercial location based Services (2/3/4G networks)

We shall soon offer:
– 5GC Compatibility
– IOT use cases

Some use cases of our solutions include :
Government: In law-related situations by government institutions such as enforcing restraining orders, lawful location of subscribers involved in criminal activity just to name a few
Emergency Services: We facilitate access to the caller for emergency services such as ambulances and rescue
COVID-19: We reduce the spread of COVID by ensuring those in quarantine are not straying around