Scale your Processes for Thousands of Customers and Employees

Reliable software that adapts optimally to your company to make your users happy automatically and efficiently.

Experts who understand the needs of your customers and employees and who accompany you from the actual analysis to the rollout of your software.

Your Advantages with iMbu

We create your free, in-depth analysis of the current situation through our specific queries and insights into the status quo. You will then receive a recommendation and important information to consider in your project, both on a technological, human and organizational level.

In essence, our strategic plan and conception for software success revolve around delivering a high-quality, user-centric solution that meets market demands, drives innovation, and fosters long-term growth. By aligning our development efforts with market insights and user needs, we position ourselves for success in the ever-evolving software landscape.

By documenting clear and comprehensive software requirements, your expectations can be aligned, our developers can build the right solution, and the project team can effectively manage scope, timelines, and resources.

By prioritizing your individual wishes and requirements, software integration can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your users and your organization, ultimately driving greater adoption, productivity, and success.

By implementing a comprehensive user adoption and training strategy, we help your organization empower users to leverage the full potential of the new software system, leading to increased productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction.

By implementing a structured approach to technical support, we help your organization ensure that users receive timely assistance and have a positive experience with the software, ultimately leading to increased user satisfaction and retention.

Your Software System for More Profit and Ease as an Entrepreneur

Scaling for small and medium-sized businesses


Top experts with more than 20 years of experience


Free actual analysis


Business consulting, development and rollout from a single source


Clear requirement clarification & strategic planning


Quality software and large databases


Proven tech stack for sustainable cross-platform solutions

Our collaboration between you and iMbu

Find out here the 10 biggest stumbling blocks for your scaling and how to avoid them in the first place


Global shipping companies and logisticians, pension providers, international associations with thousands of members, American health care providers, but also large companies from the public sector, as well as the IT and telecommunications industry, place their trust in us









Schifflogistik-Systeme für tausende End-User 1

Schifflogistik-Systeme für tausende End-User 2

Schifflogistik-Systeme für tausende End-User 3

Schifflogistik-Systeme für tausende End-User 4

Your Vision we Achieve Agile

Agile working enables our developers to deliver high-quality products quickly and efficiently. One of the great strengths of agile working is that it enables us to work incrementally and iteratively, allowing for quick adjustments to changing requirements. At the same time, agile working encourages our teams to have a clear vision of the end goal and to focus on that goal to ensure all steps along the way are aligned.

The Tech Stack for Yours Scaled Cross-platform Software

Choosing the best Tech Stack is important because it forms the foundation for developing your successful software application. A well-chosen Tech Stack can help increase productivity, improve application maintainability, optimize scalability, and ensure security.

About iMbu

Your IT experts from iMbu develop new systems, optimize outdated codes and create new add-ons. Websites, microservices, apps, platforms including design and implementation expertise. Cross-functional software solutions for SMEs – and THOUSANDS of happy end users – that’s what iMbu stands for!

Our founder, Allen Baiyee, leads with strong values – customer focus, operational excellence and built-in quality. Not only do we help our customers in the continuous improvement process, we also work to become better ourselves every day.